Who are we?

Represent Oklahoma is a nonpartisan organization made up of passionate Oklahoma citizens with diverse political views and backgrounds who have joined together for the purpose of achieving one specific goal: end Gerrymandering in Oklahoma.


What do we do?

Our sole mission is to advocate for the adoption of an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission made up of everyday Oklahoma citizens.


Why are we passionate about this?

Unfortunately, politicians in Oklahoma are using partisan redistricting to choose their voters. This unfair advantage causes political gridlock and dysfunction in our state. We want that to change. We believe the voters should be choosing the politicians that represent them and not the other way around.


When do we need this done?

Our goal is to have redistrcting reform on the 2018 general election ballot to be decided on by the people of Oklahoma.


How can we achieve this?

We can only achieve this goal if we have your support. In order to get our plan on the ballot, we must collect the signatures of 124,000 registered Oklahoma voters by May 1, 2018.


Please join us in our mission to end Gerrymandering in Oklahoma!